Linux Systems and Security


Past Projects

We have worked extensively with Linux since 1995, including the following distributions: Red Hat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, SuSE, Slackware, Snapgear, OpenWRT. Some of our past projects include:
  • Migrate the server environment to the cloud for a banner ad provider using AWS, including virtual hosting with EC2, mass storage with S3, DNS with Route 53, and database hosting (MySQL and Oracle) with RDS.
  • Installation and lockdown of new Linux servers, including disabling of unnecessary daemons and open TCP/UDP ports
  • Embedded Linux with serial console and compressed file systems
  • Installing and configuring Linux (and Windows) virtual machines using Xen, VMware, and VirtualBox.
  • Architecting, implementing, and deploying database-backed Web sites
  • Performing secure online credit card authorizations, captures, voids, and refunds with multiple merchant accounts.
  • Installing and configuring Oracle on Linux.
  • Deploying remote access solutions for small businesses, including VPNs and browser-based remote desktops.
  • Creating and maintaining secure PCI-compliant server environment
  • Performance tuning of relational databases, including schema normalization, indexing, query optimization, backup.
  • Linux backup solutions including disk mirroring, database mirroring, magnetic tape backup.
  • Designing and deploying a sales database for a direct marketing company to compile revenue data from multiple sales channels, including Web, phone, and mail orders.
  • Designing and deploying a metadata database for digital object identifiers (DOIs), including XML bulk loader and URL pinger.
  • Linux SCSI device (sg) driver programming for magnetic tape recovery.
  • Designing and prototyping of specialized VoIP hardware using Asterisk.
  • Deploying and managing public WiFi services using NoCatAuth and Wifidog.
  • Configuring user authentication with OpenLDAP, including replication

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