Voice Logger Audio Retrieval

Recovery and conversion of recordings from almost any voice logger.


Past Projects

Electrical Science has vast experience in extracting audio from voice loggers and voicemail systems. We have performed work for clients all over the world, including USA, Mexico, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Australia, China, South Korea, Argentina. Some of our past projects include:
  • Convert 3 million nonstandard WAV files and XML metadata from a Verint Witness 7.8 voice logger into standard format for subsequent import into an audio repository system
  • Retrieve all audio from 300 assorted media from NICE 8.9 and Mercom Audiolog for a global financial services firm. Due to compliance rules, all work was done on-site at client premises.
  • Retrieve all audio from a NICE Mirra IV DVD-RAM for a trading investigation and provide legal attestation of delivery accuracy
  • Recover all audio from a damaged Eyretel Mediastore DDS-3 tape which was recorded in New York on Sept. 11, 2001
  • Examine and determine authenticity of NMF files from a NICE Perform voice logger for a criminal case
  • Convert 20 million recordings from a 2-way radio system from NICE NMF format into WAV files, extract all metadata from NICE CLS database, format for import into a new Verint Audiolog voice logger
  • Extract all audio and metadata from 125 AIT tapes from a NICE 8.9 voice logger, format for import into a new ASC Neo voice logger
  • Retrieve all audio for 400 assorted media from NICE 8.9, NICE Perform, and Eyretel Mediastore voice loggers for a global bank. Match NICE 8.9 recordings with CTI metadata from a NICE CLS database. Recover audio and metadata from 25 damaged tapes.
  • Examine Racal Wordnet tape for a global financial services firm to detect possible tampering or erasure
  • Perform a focused retrieval from a Verint Witness 7.8 voice logger for specific traders and dates for a trading investigation
  • Retrieve all audio from 20 NICE 8.9 DVD-RAM disks from an energy trading company
  • Perform focused retrievals from Racal Wordnet DDS-3 tapes and Mercom Audiolog DVD-RAMs for a public safety provider
  • Travel to customer premises to copy 130 AIT and DDS tapes generated by NICE 8.9 voice loggers, extract all audio and metadata, format for import into a new Verint Impact 360 voice logger
  • Extract audio and metadata from NICE recorders (NTR and NIM) from six locations of a global bank, store data in searchable Microsoft Access databases, all work done by remote access to customer sites

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