Continuity Replay

Search-and-Replay system for legacy voice logger audio and metadata.


As voice recording systems approach their end of lifetime, owners often face a dilemma: upgrade to their current vendor’s latest solution, or switch vendors. But switching vendors has an inherent risk: how to provide continued access to the existing audio archive, possibly stretching back 10+ years?

Even after a recording system has been decommissioned, many organizations continue to store archived calls on the retired system. This can make retrieval — which may be necessary for litigation or compliance reasons — extremely difficult and potentially time consuming.

Continuity Replay can help.

Continuity Replay can ingest audio and metadata from most legacy recording platforms, including NICE, Verint, Eyretel, Racal, CyberTech, Mercom, Dictaphone, Calabrio, Genesys, and others. It provides a browser-based search-and-retrieve interface to allow easy access to per-call metadata and corresponding recordings. Clients do not require any desktop software installation. Users can be administered locally or via your existing corporate directory services, and access to recordings can be restricted by site or business unit.

Continuity Replay offers a full range of flexible deployment options to meet your business needs today, and into the future. Our software-based solution requires no special hardware. It can be deployed on premise, either on a traditional commercial server or as a virtual machine (VM) in your existing on-premise or cloud environment. The audio archive can be stored locally, or on a network file share, or in the cloud.

Continuity Replay is jointly offered and developed by Electrical Science and Wilmac.

How Continuity Replay Works:

  • Continuity Replay has a default metadata field set which includes recording start/stop timestamps, logger number, channel number,
    extension number, agent name, and more. Custom fields are also available.
  • Data ingestion uses open file formats including tab-delimited text (for metadata) and WAV files (for audio).
  • We can help you export the data out of your old logger and into the appropriate format for ingestion
  • Once data is imported, search and replay is quick and easy via our browser interface. Records are safely retained to satisfy internal
    and government compliance rules.
  • Call retention features include automatic deletion of old records and per-record “legal hold” flag to disable deletion.
  • After Continuity Replay is deployed, your old equipment and corresponding noncompliant OS environment can be
  • Continuity Replay can be hosted on dedicated server hardware, or on a virtual machine, or in the cloud (AWS, Azure)
  • Full auditing of user activity and listening history is logged
  • Installation environment: Microsoft Windows 2012R2, 2016, 2019, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019
  • Supported clients: Chrome, Firefox, Edge
  • Supports multiple on-premise storage mechanisms including local disk, Windows file share, NAS, Hitachi HCP, and others.
  • Supports HTTP-based storage including AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, and others.
  • Integrates with Windows Active Directory
Continuity Replay screenshot

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