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Past Projects

The nature of our interdisciplinary world is that we often need to get up to speed on a new technology quickly and efficiently. Electrical Science can do the groundwork in general and esoteric topics in electrical and electronics engineering. Some of our past projects include:
  • Analyze 200,000,000+ lines of firmware source code in a copyright lawsuit. We used existing and custom tools to detect copying and reuse of C code.
  • Assist an investor group in understanding Bitcoin technology and trade execution.
  • Research FCC certification of a new cellular telephony product for the automotive industry.
  • Perform due diligence for potential investors on a startup company in the area of real time locating systems (RTLS).
  • Research micro-inverters for solar photovoltaic power systems.
  • Research smart metering techniques for domestic water usage, including water flow signatures for specific home appliances. Design a bench test jig to test signal extraction from water meters.
  • Extract magnetic tape data beyond the end-of-data mark on rewritten or reinitialized media.
  • Recover data from damaged magnetic tapes.
  • Develop a laboratory technique for detecting whether a magnetic tape is factory-fresh or has been erased.
  • Perform due diligence on the possible infringement of issued patents in the areas of CDMA mobile telephony, bar code scanners, MIMO wireless data transmission.
  • Install and configure CNRI Handle servers, and load millions of handles.
  • Migrate PBX trunklines for small businesses from T-1/POTS to VoIP.
  • Convert static Web sites to WordPress.
  • Write a custom C application for accurately copying magnetic media, including tapes with multiple partitions, multiple/ missing filemarks, variable block size, and encryption.
  • Design and implement a management system for “coinbox” service on 802.11b wireless LANs.
  • Architecture and deployment of a UNIX-on-the-desktop office environment for a startup semiconductor company.
  • Improve and optimize a patient database for a major hospital.
  • Design a LAN/WAN architecture and backup strategy for a law firm.
  • Perform forensic analysis of backup tapes for litigation purposes, including check for temporal consistency and evidence of tampering.
  • Coauthor a college textbook in the area of numerical methods and MATLAB programming for electrical engineers.
  • Develop and enhance firmware for embedded “Manet” (Mobile adhoc networking) routers. Environment: C/C++, Linux, ARM microprocessor.
  • Develop an e-learning application for 4th-graders to practice multiplication tables.

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