Legacy Services

Give us your tired, your obscure, your crufty systems yearning to be free.


Past Projects

Electrical Science has vast experience in extracting data from old computers and equipment. We can reverse-engineer old hardware, software, data formats, and the like. Some of our past projects include:
  • Reverse-engineer a discontinued MRI workstation for the purpose of extracting patient records and MRI images from backup tapes.
  • Deploying remote access solutions for small businesses, including VPNs and browser-based remote desktops.
  • Convert address books and calendars from PalmOS to Gmail.
  • Migrate Microsoft Outlook users to Gmail, including PST files with 10GB+ file size, thousands of folders, and 100,000+ messages.
  • Extract audio and call catalog from voice loggers and voicemail systems, including: Racal Wordnet, Racal Mirra, NICE NiceLog, NICE NiceCall, Mercom AudioLog, Eyretel, Dictaphone Guardian, Lucent/Avaya Audix, Northern Telecom Meridian Mail, Nortel CallPilot. We can extract many formats directly from the original media (without the original equipment).

Let us find a
solution for you

Electrical Science has expertise in a variety of fields.
We specialize in finding elegant solutions to difficult
and esoteric problems.

Voice Logger Audio Retrieval

Recovery and conversion of recordings from almost any voice logger.

Linux Systems and Security

Improve your database performance, migrate to the cloud, remote access, etc.

General Research

Let us research the details for you in a variety of general and esoteric topics.