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Give us your tired, your obscure, your crufty systems yearning to be free.


Finding what you need

Technology moves so quickly these days that it can be hard to keep up. We are constantly faced with new stuff replacing the old…but then what happens to the old stuff? Inevitably, when we leave the old hardware and software behind, there is always something that we forgot. It might be a simple as a few phone numbers left on an old mobile phone, or it might be critical financial records in a multimillion-dollar law suit.

A more realistic scenario might be: your company is getting sued and some of the evidence relates to phone recordings of stock trades (or 911 calls, or mortgage refinances, or something else). You have the tapes which prove your innocence, but they were recorded on some proprietary voice recorder from 10+ years ago (and long since retired). You might even have the old recorder laying around (but in disrepair), or perhaps you just have the tapes.


Past Projects

Electrical Science has vast experience in extracting data from old computers and equipment. We can reverse-engineer old hardware, software, data formats, and the like.

Let us find a
solution for you

Electrical Science has expertise in a variety of fields.
We specialize in finding elegant solutions to difficult
and esoteric problems.

Voice Logger Audio Retrieval

Recovery and conversion of recordings from almost any voice logger.

Linux Systems and Security

Improve your database performance, migrate to the cloud, remote access, etc.

General Research

Let us research the details for you in a variety of general and esoteric topics.