TM-1 Audio Converter

Convert nonstandard voice logger audio into standard WAV format
for archiving or ingestion into speech analytic engines


Many businesses record their telephone traffic for legal purposes or compliance requirements. Specialized recorders (“voice loggers”) are used to store the large volume of audio, and popular vendors include NICE and Verint. Legacy vendors include CyberTech, Dictaphone, Eyretel, Mercom, Racal, and Witness.

Voice loggers use their own specialized file formats to store the recordings, and  examples include NMF files from NICE and nonstandard WAV files from Verint, CyberTech, and Dictaphone. These formats restrict playback to the original recorder environment and prevent listening with standard software (e.g. Windows Media Player or smartphones). Although all recorders contain an export feature to allow audio to be saved outside of the system, this feature is usually limited to a few recordings at a time. Your recordings are locked away and difficult to access for listening, e-discovery, or compliance requirements.

In addition, many businesses would like to analyze their recordings, perhaps to identify customer trends at their call center or to review stock transactions related to an insider trading investigation. There are numerous vendors and packages which do voice analytics, but most require standard files to operate and will not ingest the nonstandard voice logger audio. Electrical Science can help.

Our TM-1 Audio Converter can convert nonstandard audio recordings into standard WAV files in real time. We can perform thousands of conversions per day on order to keep up with your ongoing volume. We integrate cleanly into your existing recording environment via standard network protocols to receive the audio files and then return the corresponding WAV files through the same mechanism. We offer cloud-based servers or can install a server appliance directly in your secure IT environment.




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