Voice Logger Rogues Gallery

Audix voicemail was originally introduced by AT&T in the 1980s and was later sold under the Lucent and Avaya nameplates. Supported media include CD-RW, DVD-RAM, QIC (quarter-inch cassette), Travan, and MO (magneto-optical) disks. Audix boxes have many form factors, including PC tower and “slim” slide-in circuit boards.
The Dictaphone Guardian voice logger was released in 1995 and uses DDS-2 tapes which hold 640 hours of audio per tape. The optional “Prolog” feature allows remote playback via a Windows PC. Dictaphone’s voice logging division was acquired by NICE in 2005.
The Eyretel E500 voice logger was released in 1996. Each DDS-2 tape can hold up to 550 hours of audio. Similar models include the Eyretel E1000, Lanier LDL 848, and Lanier LDL 416. Eyretel was acquired by Witness in 2003, which was acquired by Verint in 2006.
The NICE NiceLog recorder (commonly referred to as “NICE 8.9”) was first introduced in 1995 and has undergone many redesigns over the years. Supported media include DDS-2, DDS-3, DDS-4, AIT-1, AIT-2, and DVD-RAM. The newer media can hold 200,000+ calls (corresponding to thousands of hours of audio). A similar product is the NICE NiceCall Focus.
The Racal Wordnet Series 2 voice logger was released in 2000 and is still in use today. An early leader in the field, Racal eventually sold its recording business to Thales, who then sold it to NICE. Supported media include DDS-3 tapes (containing up to 1980 hours of recorded audio per tape) and DVD-RAM (up to 860 hours).

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