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Recovery and conversion of recordings from almost any voice logger.


Audio Retrieval

Electrical Science has provided its industry-leading voice logger and voicemail retrieval services to Fortune 500 companies, banks, financial services firms, law firms, and public safety providers. We provide recovery and bulk conversion of voice recordings from NICE, Verint, Racal Wordnet, Eyretel MediaStore, Dictaphone Guardian, Audix, Nortel, and many others.


For a variety of reasons, many industries use voice loggers to record all incoming and outgoing telephone conversations. Typical examples include corporate call centers (we’ve all been told that our “call may be recorded for quality purposes”), 911 emergency systems, and telephone executed stock trades. Trading floors for equities, foreign exchange, and energy assets often record 100% of voice traffic at each trading turret, including all handset and speakerphone circuits.

Traditionally, voice loggers have been separate PBX-attached units which digitize and store audio onto hard disk, enterprise storage (e.g. EMC Centera), magnetic tape (e.g. DDS, AIT) or optical disk (e.g. DVD-RAM). These archived recordings are usually stored in a manufacturer-specific format and can use a variety of different audio encoding methods. They usually can only be played back on the original equipment, sometimes only one call at a time. A single voice logger tape can contain as many as 1,000,000 individual recordings, comprising over 10,000 hours of recorded audio.

Voicemail systems are frequently based on proprietary hardware, particularly the older ones. These systems back themselves up onto tape or disk, typically a quarter-inch cartridge (QIC) tape, magneto-optical (MO) disk, or CD-RW. Examples include Audix (manufactured over the years by AT&T, Lucent, and Avaya), and Meridian Mail (aka CallPilot) by Northern Telecom (aka Nortel).

For various reasons, you might want to retrieve the audio from your voice logger or voicemail tapes and disks. You might be migrating to a newer system and want to store the legacy audio in your archive. Or you might be involved in a legal proceeding and need to turn over the recordings to opposing counsel, but yet you might not even have that old logger around anymore. Either way, Electrical Science can help.

Electrical Science can extract the call catalog (the “metadata”) and audio from your voice logger and voicemail media. The call catalog will typically contain the start time, duration, and extension for each call. Depending on the logger model, the catalog might also include caller ID, dialed number, DNIS, and additional metadata. We can do a wholesale bulk retrieval of an entire tape or disk, or we can just extract the catalog or audio for a given channel or date range. We extract the audio quickly and accurately, directly from the media, and without the need for the original equipment. We can deliver audio as WAV files or in your preferred format. (Note that MP3 is not a good format for delivering voice-quality audio, and we’d be happy to tell you why.) We can also perform data recovery on damaged or partially-recorded (improperly ejected) media.


Past Projects

Electrical Science has completed many voice logger projects for the financial industry, contact centers, and the public safety sector.

Voice Logger Formats

We are constantly expanding this list. If your equipment is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us anyway.
Voice logger and voicemail equipment is often renameplated, e.g. Racal hardware often has a “Thales” label.

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